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When You Rent a Waterslide or Bounce House You Can Receive a Free Hawaiian Shaved Ice Set Up to Transform Your Party in to a Memorable Event!

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We know how challenging and expensive  it can be  to throw a perfect party.  So, we created a company to make throwing an epic party both easy and affordable!

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I've thrown countless Bounce House parties for my 3 kids. At the end of each one, my husband and I look at each other and ask, "did you get good pictures?" The answer is inevitably, "no". So we decided to include a photo backdrop with each inflatable rental to make sure you don't have the same problem we did. We have some of the coolest and funnest backdrops out there. Complete with custom balloons, themes and more.
Snap you some Insta worthy shots!

Is Shaved Ice different than a Snow Cone?

Yes, and by different, we mean Better! 

  1. Here is Why…

  1. Texture: Shaved Ice has a finer and smoother texture than the coarser Snow Cone due to the type of blade used and how it shaves the ice into a snowy mix.
  2. Flavor Absorbtion: A greater surface area allows syrups to penetrate and distribute flavor more evenly in a Shaved Ice treat.  This makes is taste better, with less syrup! 
  3. Consistency:  Snow Cones have a chunky and inconsistent composition often making it harder to eat and less enjoyable than the light and snowy composition of Shaved Ice.
  4.  Refreshment: Shaved Ice is found to be consistently more refreshing than a Snow Cone due to the   light and even texture.  This makes it most ideal for staying cool on a hot, sunny day!  

Jumping for Joy Party Services, LLC is Mom owned and operated!  We are the go-to for affordable Inflatable Waterslide rental, Inflatable Bounce House rentals and other party supply rentals in Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown and Liberty Hill. 

I take pride in providing clean and safe rentals at the lowest cost. We always follow the most up to date safety guidelines to take the worry off your plate.

I created Jumping for Joy Party Services so that other busy parents would be able to have affordable and memorable parties that treat their event like the special occasion it is, without breaking the bank. .

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When I say your satisfaction is guaranteed, I mean it. Feel free to call me at (737) 291-1211, email me at or message me on the Contact Us form below. I will always promptly reply to all messages and I would love to hear from you.

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