This Mom Knows How to Party

I have been throwing amazing Bounce House & Inflatable Slide parties for over 15 years!  Now I am helping you do the same, but without all the headache, pain and costs that I endured while I learned the hard way! 

I run an amazing family of 5, with 3 kids ranging from College Age, to Middle School, to early Elementary School.  We have 2 dogs, 2 geckos, and we thrive in the chaos of parenthood and kids. My kids are my joy.  Seeing them smile and laugh, and experience joy, is my joy.  

Hosting my children’s parties with a separate Bounce House, Shaved Ice and Photo vendor, is what led me to create Jumping for Joy.  It was common to spend up to $2,000 trying to piece together the perfect event.  I knew there must be a better way…  but I never found it.  So I created it.  I built Jumping for Joy so that every family in the areas around us could experience joy in the same way I have – by seeing their children and friends light up with excitement and laughter and enjoy a day made for them.  

It feels like everything is SO EXPENSIVE these days.  I wanted to create this company as a way to provide a “sigh of relief” to parents and families hosting these parties.  Hopefully you will see that our pricing and packages reflect that. 

As a forever “Team Mom” in nearly every sport my kids have played, I have felt the stress and overwhelm of planning everything.  In most cases, the Team Parties ended up as a Lunch/Dinner at a restaurant that hopefully had a playscape.  Each family would end up spending too much money on a meal, just so they could be present.  I wanted to make the Team Party about the kids.  Give them a real party, without overcharging the parents.  And a trophy?  Where have all the trophy’s gone?  Every child athlete should be able to collect a gaggle of Sport Trophy’s by the time they become teens.  I wanted to change that, so I did.  

Overall, I created Jumping for Joy to fix a problem I have personally felt after years of party planning and parenting.  I hope I can help you throw the best party I know how to throw, and take some stress and cost out of your life!

Please never hesitate to contact me.  (737) 291-1211 or  I always will pick up your call or reply to your note immediately!  


Choose Joy. 

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