Single Item Battle Party (Nerf or Water Balloon War)


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Product Information:

Our Battle Packages pit competitive teams against each other and arm them with Nerf Guns or Water Balloons to battle it out in a variety of different games like Capture the Flag or Tag. Or, forget the rules and have a free-for-all - take over the block with Nerf or Water Balloon warfare!  Our 300 ft. Water Balloon Launchers really pack a fun punch!  Use them as Battle Cannons, or compete in Deep Range Target Practice!  

Water Balloon Battle and Nerf Gun Battle are rented separately. 

The Nerf Gun Battle - Package includes up to Twenty (20) Nerf guns, extra ammo, unique inflatable obstacles and protective glasses.

The Water Balloon Battle - Package includes Two (2) 300 ft. Balloon Launchers, 16 Water Guns, a Bag of Water Balloons and a custom built Water Balloon Fill Station to keep the ammo flowin!  

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


Which Battle Item Would you Like?:

  • Nerf Battle Set

    This nerf battle set is an awesome addition to your party!  With inflatable obstacles, Nerf guns for up to 20 players, and ammo, this is a ready made Nerf War Zone!  Play capture the flag, or have a free range battle, or just shoot to your hearts content.  This package also includes safety glasses to make sure you don't shoot your eye out!  

  • Water Balloon Battle Set

    This Water Balloon Battle Set Up is the best for a warm day!  Start with two (2) custom built 300 ft. water balloon launchers, One (1) custom built balloon fill tables, and 500 balloons.  Add 10 water blaster guns, and you have a BATTLE!  There are so many ways to use this set up, from team balloon battles, to long range target sharp shooting and anything in between.  This set is a blast!  Book it with your party combo!

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